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Breaking: Wizards Bumps B&R Announcement Date

So, instead of issuing emergency bans, we’ll just move the next announcement!

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Banned & Restricted Announcement Oct 7th

Well, that was anticlimactic AF. Next on November the 18th Overall however, even though Golos overperformed at #SCGPhilly it isn’t time to call for any…

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Busy, Busy, Busy #Conapalooza2019

Sorry for not getting to post till so late in the day, but I’m like that magician from Frosty today: “Busy, busy, busy!”. Conapalooza update,…

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Banned & Restricted Announcement – August 26th 2019

Well, Hogaak has been hammered as has Faithless Looting. In today’s scheduled B&R announcement Wizard’s made some bold movies Links to all our stories can…

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#Conapalooza2019 Tennessee Tango Format Primer #MTG

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Coming with #Core2020 #LondonMulligan #MTG

With the release of Core Set 2020 new mulligan rules are being introduced: 103.4. Each player draws a number of cards equal to their starting…

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Upcoming Events & Products

Don’t miss our #FNM Friday May 31st! No entry Fee! We’ve also added a new streamer to the shop’s lineup; Standard Showdown on June…

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#ModernHorizons Spoiler Recap

Let’s run down the Spoilers from this week and see if there is any inspiration to purchasing this set en masse; or if it remains…

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