Busy, Busy, Busy #Conapalooza2019

Sorry for not getting to post till so late in the day, but I’m like that magician from Frosty today: “Busy, busy, busy!”.

Conapalooza update, we’re in booth H8, and will have a dedicated area in the gaming room while Tango is going on, and Draft and Standard on Saturday. You can preregister here in our shop for Tennessee Tango. Each game you play gets you an entry into the drawing. ANY event you play with us over the weekend gets you in for the prize drawing!

Don’t have a deck? No Problem! We’ll have tons of Welcome Decks & DCI cards to get you included! So you can get, free cards to play, packs for winning or losing, & a chance to win even more later that night! If you don’t want to preregister; you can register at our booth (where you’ll pick up your prize packs) or on the event floor.

We’re prepared to offer crazy deals on accessories, singles, and booster packs; and we’re particpating in #Swagapalooza so don’t miss your chances to get some great prizes. See you at Booth H8!