If you won the lottery?

Throne of Eldraine #MTGEld festivities kick off Thursday evening!

  • Live Box opening videos
  • Prerelease kit details

Then, Friday at 7pm we kick off #prerelease weekend with our first event!  It’ll be followed by a midnight prerelease event!  The whole weekend looks like this:

  • Friday – 7pm
  • Friday – Midnight
  • Saturday | 2hg – 2pm
  • Saturday – 7pm
  • Sunday | 2hg – 2pm
  • Sunday – 7pm

Most events will be done after 5 hours; we’ll either do 5 rounds of Swiss, or 3 Swiss and an 8 player playoff.  Minimum 36 packs of prize support per event for up to 18 players in the event.  Prize support increases at 2 packs per player thereafter.  We have enough kits for everyone, I ordered extra!

106 Rogosin Dr
Ste 2 & 3
Elizabethton TN 37643