Sorry about the absence folks. My dad had triple bypass surgery and work has been murder. So, I’ve been busy. I’ll be back to posting and streaming this week however. So keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to all my friends & players for your prayers for my dad, it is greatly appreciated

There is a new camera in store for the shop come Wednesday; better box opening streams & game streams! Along with a decent mic for streaming #MTGArena; no more dime store headset! & later this month we may be moving The Gathering News into its own studio & resume production. So, pretty dope times!

We’ll pick up #Core2020 spoiler season to keep you informed. We’ll have a massively awesome #m20 bundle posted on the shop and a special pickup offer for our in-store customers as well!

#MTGGideon Gideon’s Spellbooks are up on our ebay shop, and up way cheaper on our very own bluepost.co. Make sure you check it out, you need to pick these up!

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