& You

For those new to Arena I encourage you to pick-up the app at It not only gives you an overlay of your deck and percent chance to draw, it allows you to track wins and losses with your decks. In addition to that it tracks your progress on Arena giving you an overall win/loss ratio.

If you’re playing steadily these tools can be a huge benefit. I switch decks about every 3 wins; as an anecdotal observation that it resets what decks you’ll likely play against. After about 3 wins in ranked I almost invariably start getting match-ups that are greater than 70% in favor of my opponent & land flood/drought are far more likely to happen. Again, these are anecdotal observations. So, call them superstition, call them silly, call them whatever. It doesn’t change the fact that there are several in my play group that have experienced this. The tools in help track this streakiness and help you plan for it.


The deck win/loss tracker gives you a good idea of your ‘goto’ deck when you start getting into diamond and mythic to help keep your ratio up and keep you moving forward. In your ‘goto’ scenario it is always good to know your chances of drawing your win-cons and knowing when it is time to be a gambler and fold or hold. It gives you observations on what your opponent has drawn so far as well, and gives you the rough estimates on when they may be in a flood/drought as well.

A Warning…

If you are playing competitively however, I strongly discourage using the deck tracking part as it can quickly become a crutch. Knowing your draw chance is something that you cannot calculate on the fly unless you’re a Beautiful Mind level or Blackjack savant level of intuitive insight. Not being able to use these in #MPL games when you’re on paper is a significant drawback to using them when you’re just grinding. So, keep that in mind if you are trying to push into the #MythicChampionship.

Closing Thoughts

Overall I encourage you to grab for the statistics tracking alone. The only downside is if you play multiple accounts on one PC it doesn’t differentiate between them that I’ve seen. This is why we don’t keep it installed on the PC’s at our shop as it just muddies the water completely. Hopefully, if you’ve been on the fence about Arena Trackers this will get you off the fence and into the game; so to speak.