Upcoming Events & Products

Don’t miss our #FNM Friday May 31st! No entry Fee! We’ve also added a new streamer to the shop’s lineup; www.twitch.tv/deadmanapool

Standard Showdown on June 1st; $5 entry fee, 9 Showdown Packs up for grabs!

June 8th will be Modern Horizon’s Prerelease in the shop. If you’ve not been keeping up with the spoilers so far, keep your eyes peeled later this week as we’ll be covering the spoilers that have been pumped out. We have slots available for a sealed midnight prerelease & also a sealed 2hg on Saturday at 2pm and a regular draft/sealed at 7pm. Message us to preregister and save your spot! And the following weekend for draft!

Pick up your buy a box promo here! Don’t miss out on your Flusterstorm! Limited qty’s remain!

June 28th the Signature Spellbook: Gideon drops and this one is utterly gorgeous. Make sure you get your copy on preorder now! Containing 8 reprints, one of which is the amazing Richard Kane Ferguson re-art Blackblade Reforged.

And yes, it is that time ALREADY for us standard players. Thoughts of a busted standard with too much control drift to that of a relaxing core set. Core 2020 will release in July and we have our preorders and prerelease event presales up already! Click here for more details! Remember, these are in-store pickup only! The Buy a box promo boxes cannot be shipped.

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