WHAT is the first card you remember?

Many of us remember the crazy excitement of cracking open our packs when we first started playing. The first card I remember being ‘important’ was Rock Hydra. What card that you remember brings back the most nostalgia about Magic? Mine was a simpler time where combos really weren’t a thing yet. They existed, but were still really difficult to pull off, and harder still to collect the cards for. Instant access to cards has made those rare decks more commonplace. Searching Usenet groups for card dealers (eBay was just too ‘untrustworthy’ then). Not paying for cards till they were received. Using AOL to find card dealers and chat with them in real time was amazing.

Ahh, nostalgia. How it frames a really difficult time as a ‘good thing’ can mess with your head. But it doesn’t change the fact that Rock Hydra was amazing, a 6/6 on turn 4, if it stuck was great! And then on Turn 5 being able to add 3 more heads to make it a 9/9 & swing was good times. And don’t get me started on Channel->Hydra.