Planeswalker Weekend FAQ

Regardless of where you go play #Magic this weekend, you’ll encounter a Planeswalker Weekend somewhere. So here is a handy guide to help get you through.

What IS Planeswalker Weekend?

Planeswalker Weekend is replacing “Magic Weekend” this set which replaced the Store Championship earlier this year. It comes midseason to give a ‘bump’ to attendance.

Can I bring my own deck for Planeswalker Weekend?

Not this time. While most store championships are constructed events (They can be also be draft or sealed), this one is exclusively a sealed deck event.

Is it also a Standard Showdown Event?

No, unfortunately not. The Blue Post is doing our event on Saturday May 25th which will replace Standard Showdown for us.

How much does it cost?

Sealed Events are $25 dollars & include 6 packs of War of the Spark cards that you will build your deck from

What makes Planeswalker Weekend different?

During this event, all the planeswalker that you get in your packs can be cast with any color mana. They are still colored, so cards like Ugin won’t reduce their casting cost however.

Ok, so what is the prize support?

The prize pool will be 2 packs per player in the event that will be divided among either the Top 8 or Top 4 players. Each player that attends (while supplies last) will also receive a full art Time Wipe and an alternate art Karn’s Bastion. Along with a War of the Spark Sticker. First place will receive a War of the Spark Champion’s playmat.

Sounds awesome, what time does it start?

Saturday May 25th at 7pm is the start time. Registration opens at 6p. We will stop taking trades 20 minutes before the event starts to ensure we get started on time.

What if we have more questions?

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