#ModernHorizons Spoiler Recap

Let’s run down the Spoilers from this week and see if there is any inspiration to purchasing this set en masse; or if it remains a pack & singles foray only.

Seb McKinnon Kills it again. This is on the list because amazing art & artists should be brought to the forefront of the state. WOTC may put out the game, but the artists are what make the cards. If the art were less, then the game wouldn’t have made it out of the gates. The artists do not get enough credit for making Magic…Magic.

-If it’s not your turn, you may exile a black card from your hand rather than pay this spell’s mana cost.
-Destroy all creatures that entered the battlefield this turn.

One of the 3 mythics revealed as of the writing of this article; Seasoned Pyromancer intrigues me with the prospects in red that is for certain.

I am not sure I see Collected Conjuring delivering at all. Missing instants in red and blue leaves it rather handicapped. You can see a list of the on color options here. Being a newb to modern I may just not see the awesome, but this seems more like a Commander/Oathbreaker card.

I just love this card so much. Like a Lhurgoyf for snow. Not sure it will see play, but darn it I love it!

This card has already inspired some of our players to actually get back into Modern. And I can’t see that as a bad thing. I truly enjoy the fact that Urza is getting a card. This is a decent representation of him as well. I think he should have been white maybe white/blue & hear me out on this; Urza’s Ruinous Blast was white. And the only other ‘Urza’ themed card was Urza’s Rage from Invasion that was Mono Red. Sunglasses of Urza gives him access to red mana, but Ruinous Blast doesn’t have an explanation unless he is also white. Blue I think is a given, but he should have been blue white. Or an artifact needs to show up that allows you to spend blue as white mana.

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