Twitch Stream & Cardboard Live

Hello Everybody! Special Announcement Time!

Starting with our Tango event this Friday & the War of the Spark kick off party, we’ll be live streaming games on using Cardboard Live (@cardboardlive) (@CardboardLive)! Join our stream here starting at 7pm. We’ll announce the format details & get into games.

If you’ve not seen Cardboard Live before, check it out here: & register for an account. Upload the standard deck you’ll be playing at Tango & we can get you on stream. The awesome thing is you can import text file deck lists and other formats directly in and save so much time. I’m running the Challenger Decks, and the text file download from the Wizards page for them loaded directly in.

We’ll have PC’s available and staff on hand to assist you with loading a deck as well! More formats will be available for stream in the future as well, so don’t despair.

Once you have your deck created, join the event at passcode: Tango & let us know you’re interested & we’ll get you the rest of the details

Don’t forget to join us on Discord and on YouTube for more great content.

We’ll also have a Facebook Live tonight for War of the Spark Box openings & pre-release kit preview!

Thanks for reading!
~The Wizard of the Post

Author: BPAdmin