What Book Are You Reading?

This is what I’m reading, Magic The Gathering’s Signature Spellbook: Gideon! Kinda sad, and amazed at the same time. The War of the Spark spoiler season has been a great story experience. Gideon riding Rakdos into battle to save Lilliana while wielding Dakkon Blackblade’s sword. I mean they even went and got the incomparable Richard Kane Ferguson (@RKaneFerguson) to draw the art for this iteration of Blackblade Reforged. They nailed it. Some great reprints in this set as well.

This entire set has had some of the best flavor text on cards in ages in this writers humble opinion. The Mana Source on youtube has a great breakdown of Gideon’s story and you can find it below. Keep watch Gideon.

A weapon of evil, redeemed in Gideon’s hand

Author: BPAdmin